Part of having a beautiful lake home includes having a beautiful yard. Landscaping is a key part of the planning, and if you work with Total Quality, one of the best home builders in SCthe team will certainly help create an ideal yard to match your ideal home. But not all flowers and plants flourish near the water. Here is a guide to some of the most beautiful flowers that grow well near fresh water.  

  • Cardinal Flower. Aptly named for its red blossoms, the cardinal flower is easy to care for and also blooms white or pink. An added benefit is that it attracts butterflies and hummingbirds while deer and rabbits won’t eat it. 
  • Japanese Iris. This flower grows best in shallow water with blue, violet, lavender, pink, or white blossoms that open up to 6 inches wide.  
  • Pickerel Weed. Pale blue or lavender colored spiked petals surround the top of its stem, peeking out from large green leaves in the shape of arrowheads. Grows best in shallow water.  
  • Marsh Marigold. Plant at the water’s edge and little yellow blossoms will pop up all over the plant like buttercups.  
  • Corkscrew Rush. Not exactly a flower, but more of a bush, corkscrew rush grows well in moist soil. Its unique corkscrew-shaped leaves make it an attractive option for ground cover, as it spreads gradually over the ground.  
  • Obedient Plant. While it is a wildflower, the obedient plant is easy to care for and blooms all summer with purple, pink, or white snapdragon-type blossoms.  
  • Swamp Milkweed. Growing best in wet soil with plenty of sun, the swamp milkweed blooms in clusters of small pinkish-purple blooms, also in white or mauve.  
  • Creeping Jenny. When you need ground cover, the creeping jenny expands quickly over wet soil, staying low to the ground with light green leaves similar to the shape of clover. Small yellow flowers appear in early summer.  
  • Swamp Sunflower. The biggest benefit of the swamp sunflower is its resilience. Bright yellow flowers similar to daisies and sunflowers bloom every year in the later summer or early fall. 
  • Horsetail. Grows in wet areas where nothing else will, with unique bamboo-like stems and blossoms that look like horses tails.  
  • Joe Pye Weed. Another butterfly favorite, this mauve colored blossom flowers in big umbrella-shaped clusters of small petals. It’s a low-maintenance flower you can plant and forget about.  
  • Hardy Hibiscus. If you want bold, bright color in your yard, the hardy hibiscus is up to the task. Blossoms are huge with flat disc-like petals that come in a wide range of colors. Growing best in rich, moist soil, they can reach 4 to 6 feet in height.  

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Those home builders in SC who have experience in the area will already know which plants tend to thrive when planted near the water. Lake Keowee has a unique climate with plenty of moist soil and sunlight and moderate temperatures with less humidity in summer. Plants that require tropical climates may not grow as well on Lake Keowee as in other places with extremely hot summers. Let the experts handle your landscaping. Call Total Quality Home Builders: (864) 868-5253.