When designing a custom home, you can create your master bath to be the epitome of luxury, a place you can come home to and unwind after a long day. It should be both beautiful and functional so that you can take care of your needs and enjoy it. If you’re looking for lakefront property for sale in South Carolina to build a custom home, consider these ideas for a luxurious master bathroom. 

  • Free-standing tub. Whether you go with an old-fashioned claw foot tub or a more modern style, a stand-alone tub (not built into the wall or tilework) offers a sleek, minimalist look. A deep soaking tub is a luxury for an aching body in need of rejuvenation.  
  • Art. Inspirational artwork can adorn the walls of your bathroom just as much as in the other rooms of your home. Choose pieces that promote serenity, such as water scenes or Zen-inspired artwork.  
  • Patterns. Patterned wallpaper works well in bathrooms because a smaller space can afford a bolder print. It can even make a bathroom seem more spacious.  
  • Texture. Basketweave marble floors are a great way to add texture to an otherwise neutral space. Available in tiles that are fitted together to look seamless, they also work well for shower floors. 
  • All-natural elements. Build a “green” bathroom out of sustainable, allergen-free materials.  Use natural stone counters, floors, and tub framing. Hang seagrass shades on the windows and use grass mats. Bamboo is another natural element to incorporate for floors or other décor. Equip your bathroom with water-conserving faucets, toilet, and shower/tub.  
  • Bathtub niche. Create a nook or alcove for your tub with high walls on all sides, a wide window, shelving all around and soft lighting for ambiance. 
  • Center tub. Consider placing a large round tub in the center of your master bath and building the rest of the room around it. Curved walls and a domed ceiling above could complete the circular shape of the room.  
  • Open shower. There are many reasons to incorporate an open, door-less, curtain-less shower from the luxurious look to the practicality of curb-free entry. Make your home bathroom feel like a resort (and plan for future aging in place) 
  • Copper tub. Hammered copper makes a stunning bathtub. The shiny, yet subdued tone is a bold fixture around which you can design the whole room. Compliment the tub with copper fixtures for sinks and lighting. 
  • French-style. Does anything suggest luxury more than the word “French”? A French-inspired bathroom can include all sorts of elements from bold floral wallpaper to curtains and draperies, to chandeliers and marble floors. Find one French element and build your bathroom around it.  

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