When designing a custom home, you can create your master bath to be the epitome of luxury, a place you can come home to and unwind after a long day. It should be both beautiful and functional so that you can take care of your needs and enjoy it. If you’re looking for lakefront property for sale in South Carolina to build a custom home, consider these ideas for a luxurious master bathroom. 

  • Free-standing tub. Whether you go with an old-fashioned claw foot tub or a more modern style, a stand-alone tub (not built into the wall or tilework) offers a sleek, minimalist look. A deep soaking tub is a luxury for an aching body in need of rejuvenation.  
  • Art. Inspirational artwork can adorn the walls of your bathroom just as much as in the other rooms of your home. Choose pieces that promote serenity, such as water scenes or Zen-inspired artwork.  
  • Patterns. Patterned wallpaper works well in bathrooms because a smaller space can afford a bolder print. It can even make a bathroom seem more spacious.  
  • Texture. Basketweave marble floors are a great way to add texture to an otherwise neutral space. Available in tiles that are fitted together to look seamless, they also work well for shower floors. 
  • All-natural elements. Build a “green” bathroom out of sustainable, allergen-free materials.  Use natural stone counters, floors, and tub framing. Hang seagrass shades on the windows and use grass mats. Bamboo is another natural element to incorporate for floors or other décor. Equip your bathroom with water-conserving faucets, toilet, and shower/tub.  
  • Bathtub niche. Create a nook or alcove for your tub with high walls on all sides, a wide window, shelving all around and soft lighting for ambiance. 
  • Center tub. Consider placing a large round tub in the center of your master bath and building the rest of the room around it. Curved walls and a domed ceiling above could complete the circular shape of the room.  
  • Open shower. There are many reasons to incorporate an open, door-less, curtain-less shower from the luxurious look to the practicality of curb-free entry. Make your home bathroom feel like a resort (and plan for future aging in place) 
  • Copper tub. Hammered copper makes a stunning bathtub. The shiny, yet subdued tone is a bold fixture around which you can design the whole room. Compliment the tub with copper fixtures for sinks and lighting. 
  • French-style. Does anything suggest luxury more than the word “French”? A French-inspired bathroom can include all sorts of elements from bold floral wallpaper to curtains and draperies, to chandeliers and marble floors. Find one French element and build your bathroom around it.  

Total Quality Homebuilders Can Make Your Dreams Come True 

Building your dream master bathroom is just one part of the fun of the custom home design process. Total Quality, together with you, can create a beautiful lake house on the shores of Lake Keowee, known for its clear waters and picturesque scenery. There is lakefront property for sale in South Carolina right now and Total Quality Home Builders can help you find your ideal home site before it’s gone. Call today: (864) 868-5253 

Lake Keowee is one of the best kept secrets in South Carolina. And because of this there is still Lake Keowee land for sale that’s available for building. While the lake has been around for years and people have enjoyed it for recreational purposes, not everyone is aware of the real estate opportunities that have arisen in recent years and even months. If you’re looking for an ideal place to build a lake home, here are five reasons you’ll never regret building on Lake Keowee.  

  1. Property value will only go upAs the available land is sold, eventually there won’t be any more new lots. Only so much of the area around the lake can be used for residential purposes. If you buy land and build a lake home on Lake Keowee, you’re sure to recoup the value and then some upon resale.  
  2. The Beauty of the LakeLake Keowee is known for its clear, emerald green waters and picturesque scenery. Rolling hills, lush forests, and mountain views in the distance won’t disappoint. Wake up every morning to the beautiful landscape and serene waters and you’ll never get tired of it.  
  3. Convenience of the LocationLiving on Lake Keowee puts you in close proximity to the city of Greenville as well as Clemson University. Greenville is currently one of the fastest growing US cities with a strong job market, making it ideal for young professionals. Clemson University offers opportunities for educationentertainment, and more 
  4. Recreational Opportunities. If you enjoy lake activities, you can do it all on Lake Keowee. Boating, fishing, jet skiing, paddling, waterskiing, wakeboarding, swimming and more are possible on the lake. Drive your boat to waterfall cove, cut your engine, and drift a while. Or get up the courage to try the Jumping Rock” and take the plunge into the deep, clear water.  
  5. Variety of Real Estate Available. Whether you’re looking for a lakefront lot, a lake view lot, a wooded lot, or an elevated mountain view lot, there’s Lake Keowee land for sale that is ideal for wide variety of preferences and budgets. If you want your own lake access, spring for the lakefront lot so you can have an individual dock and you won’t regret it.  

Reasons You Won’t Regret Building a Custom Lake Home with Total Quality Home Builders 

Besides these five reasons to build a home on Lake Keowee, there are just as many reasons and more to build your custom home with Total Quality Home Builders.  

  • Total Quality will help you find Lake Keowee land for sale as soon as it’s available.  
  • Your home will be completely customized down to every last detail. 
  • The design of your home will be cutting edge and incorporate the latest technology.  
  • Total Quality has plenty of experience building homes on lakefront land.  
  • Your home will stand the test of time in style and craftsmanship. 

Call Total Quality Home Builders today and reserve your spot on the shores of one of the South Carolina’s most desired lakes: (864) 868-5253.  


Part of having a beautiful lake home includes having a beautiful yard. Landscaping is a key part of the planning, and if you work with Total Quality, one of the best home builders in SCthe team will certainly help create an ideal yard to match your ideal home. But not all flowers and plants flourish near the water. Here is a guide to some of the most beautiful flowers that grow well near fresh water.  

  • Cardinal Flower. Aptly named for its red blossoms, the cardinal flower is easy to care for and also blooms white or pink. An added benefit is that it attracts butterflies and hummingbirds while deer and rabbits won’t eat it. 
  • Japanese Iris. This flower grows best in shallow water with blue, violet, lavender, pink, or white blossoms that open up to 6 inches wide.  
  • Pickerel Weed. Pale blue or lavender colored spiked petals surround the top of its stem, peeking out from large green leaves in the shape of arrowheads. Grows best in shallow water.  
  • Marsh Marigold. Plant at the water’s edge and little yellow blossoms will pop up all over the plant like buttercups.  
  • Corkscrew Rush. Not exactly a flower, but more of a bush, corkscrew rush grows well in moist soil. Its unique corkscrew-shaped leaves make it an attractive option for ground cover, as it spreads gradually over the ground.  
  • Obedient Plant. While it is a wildflower, the obedient plant is easy to care for and blooms all summer with purple, pink, or white snapdragon-type blossoms.  
  • Swamp Milkweed. Growing best in wet soil with plenty of sun, the swamp milkweed blooms in clusters of small pinkish-purple blooms, also in white or mauve.  
  • Creeping Jenny. When you need ground cover, the creeping jenny expands quickly over wet soil, staying low to the ground with light green leaves similar to the shape of clover. Small yellow flowers appear in early summer.  
  • Swamp Sunflower. The biggest benefit of the swamp sunflower is its resilience. Bright yellow flowers similar to daisies and sunflowers bloom every year in the later summer or early fall. 
  • Horsetail. Grows in wet areas where nothing else will, with unique bamboo-like stems and blossoms that look like horses tails.  
  • Joe Pye Weed. Another butterfly favorite, this mauve colored blossom flowers in big umbrella-shaped clusters of small petals. It’s a low-maintenance flower you can plant and forget about.  
  • Hardy Hibiscus. If you want bold, bright color in your yard, the hardy hibiscus is up to the task. Blossoms are huge with flat disc-like petals that come in a wide range of colors. Growing best in rich, moist soil, they can reach 4 to 6 feet in height.  

Create your Ideal Landscape with Total Quality, one of the top Home Builders in SC 

Those home builders in SC who have experience in the area will already know which plants tend to thrive when planted near the water. Lake Keowee has a unique climate with plenty of moist soil and sunlight and moderate temperatures with less humidity in summer. Plants that require tropical climates may not grow as well on Lake Keowee as in other places with extremely hot summers. Let the experts handle your landscaping. Call Total Quality Home Builders: (864) 868-5253.  

The front door formal foyer and the back door or garage entrance probably serve very different purposes in your homeThe front is likely where guests enter, whereas the garage entry is the one your family likely uses most often. As the front door is less used, it’s likely easier to keep the front foyer clean and tidy. But the main entryway from the garage or back door is where life gets in the way. This is where organization is crucial to keep things in a reasonable sense of order. Rather than purchasing organization materials after your home is built, consider building in some features that can help keep your most used entryway clean and fresh. Whether you’re looking for homes for sale on Lake Keowee or you’re working on a custom home, these ideas can work in any home.  

  • Built-in Lockers or CubbiesGive each person who lives in your home their own space to hang coats and bags and store shoes. Consider building in open or closeable locker spaces with hooks and a cubby space above for hats and a cubby space below for shoes. Everyone’s belongings go in their own space and everything stays neat and tidy.  
  • Benches with Storage. Another idea for a cleaner entryway is built-in benches with storage underneath. Benches provide a place to sit while putting on shoes and the space underneath or inside can be used for shoes, bags, hats, gloves, umbrellas, etc. The stuff is out of sight, making the entryway look crisp and tidy while still being highly functional.  
  • Durable Flooring. The backdoor entryway is not the place for beautiful hardwood floors. With wet, dirty shoes coming in regularly, even with a rug, your hardwoods will start to look shabby. Consider more durable flooring, such as ceramic or porcelain tile. Tile is moisture resistant and cleans up easily. Go with a dark color tile and grout that won’t show dirt.  
  • Hand Washing Sink. If you don’t have a bathroom right inside your entryway, you may want to consider a small area for cleaning up. Include a small sink for washing hands, perhaps with a mirror and vanity space. Include shelving for hand soap and lotion for when you’re on your way in, and sunscreen and bug spray for when you’re on the way out.  
  • Washer and Dryer. An entryway that doubles as your laundry room can be very convenient. When everyone comes in with wet clothes from playing in the snow or muddy clothes from sports, they can remove wet things and put them straight into the washer or dryer. And the fresh smell of laundry detergent and dryer sheets will overpower the smell of stinky shoes. Be sure to include the necessary hookups for a washer and dryer when designing your home. 

Even if you’re not custom building a home, but looking at existing homes for sale on Lake Keowee, these are easy adaptations to make in any home.   

Design your Ideal Entryway with Total Quality Home Builders 

When you’re designing your custom home on Lake Keowee, Total Quality Home Builders wants to create the home of your dreams. Every detail matters, including your entryway. Even if you intend to look at existing homes for sale on Lake Keowee, Total Quality can help you find a home with an entryway that meets your needs or can be adapted to include the features you want. Call Total Quality Home Builders and Waterfront Properties today: (864) 868-5253.  

The open concept floor plan, the holy grail of home design…or is it? It may be that walls are coming back into fashion for a variety of reasons. Some of the top home builders in SC are adapting to the current trends and listening to what customers want, and it seems many families are looking for a little more privacy in the form of separate rooms. If you’re in the planning stages of a custom home, consider the pros and cons of the open concept floor plan. 

Pros and Cons of an Open Floor Plan 

  • Pro: Home feels bigger. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the open floor plan is the wide open space. Your home feels larger because it is mostly one large open room with furniture as the only definition between spaces.  
  • Con: Can be noisier. With no walls to separate each room, the noise from the kitchen bleeds into the living room and the noise from the TV drifts into the dining room, etc. It can get especially noisy when entertaining large groups.  
  • Pro: Better air circulation. Air flows easily in an open floor concept, making the HVAC system more efficient.  
  • Con: Less privacy. There’s not much privacy in an open floor plan home, which could be an issue for some families depending on your preferences. A family full of introverts may struggle 
  • Pro: Room for furniture. The open floor plan gives you plenty of options for furniture. Feel free to get the large sectional couch or the dining table that seats 10 or 12.  
  • Con: Kitchen smells spread. When the kitchen is open to the rest of the rooms, the lingering scents from food can spread easily, which may not be pleasant.  
  • Bonus Pro: The View. If you’re building a home with a lake view, an open concept home can offer better sight lines from anywhere in the home. 

Pros and Cons of a Closed Floor Plan  

  • Pro: Noise control. Individual rooms separated by walls and doors can help control noise within your home. Close yourself in the office for peace and quiet while the kids play in the living room.  
  • Con: Rooms feel smaller. You may find that your rooms feel smaller and that your home feels more cramped overall.  
  • Pro: More privacy. Privacy is important to some, especially introverts, who need time to themselves to rest and rejuvenate. Having separate rooms, even in the living areas, makes this possible. 
  • Con: Inhibits air circulation. More walls and closed off rooms can inhibit air flow for your HVAC system, but it isn’t necessarily a problem. Simply open doors whenever possible and be sure your HVAC system is in good working condition.  
  • Pro: Kitchen smells are contained. When the kitchen is more closed off you can keep cooking smells more contained.  
  • Con: Furniture options are more limited. Smaller spaces do limit your furniture choices, but choosing the right pieces can help make smaller rooms seem larger.  
  • Bonus Pro: Resale Benefits. More rooms can look better on paper when it comes to listing your home to sell in the future.  

Customize your Floor Plan with Total Quality, One of the Premier Home Builders in SC 

After considering the pros and cons of open and closed floor plans, you probably have an idea of which style you prefer. One of the biggest advantages of working with a builder to design a custom home is that you and your builder can create a floor plan that works for you. It can be completely open, completely closed off, or some combination of the two. Enjoy the freedom you get when working with one of the most elite custom home builders in SC. Call Total Quality today: (864) 868-5253.  

Thinking of moving to or vacationing in the Lake Keowee area? With so many Lake Keowee homes for sale, there’s likely to be an influx of visitors and new residents. Want to get the inside scoop on shopping, dining, and recreation? Here are some tips from a Lake Keowee local. 

Unique Shopping Opportunities Nearby 

Lake Keowee is convenient to a number of nearby towns and cities for your everyday shopping needs as well as some eclectic shops for your more specific needs and wants. Downtown Seneca is known for Ram Cat Alley, a street that is home to M. Tannery and Sons (featuring furniture, home accessories, gifts, and more), Green Springs (your home for fair trade, all-natural products), The Red Door (home décor, both new and antique), and Loblolly Arts (art gallery). Other nearby retailers offer an additional variety of wares from olive oil and spices to jewelry and even formal wear. Lake Keowee is just minutes from the city of Greenville, home of Haywood Mall, the Shops at Greenridge, and Magnolia Park among many other shopping centers and retail stores. You’ll have no trouble finding enough shopping opportunities to occupy your time. 

A Wide Range of Dining Experiences Await You 

Whether you enjoy fine dining or downhome cooking, you’re sure to find food that will satisfy your taste buds in the Lake Keowee area. One of the best things about living near the water is the ability to take a boat to your favorite restaurant. The Tiki Hut is a restaurant and bar you can get to by boat or by car, with a tropical theme to make you feel like you’re in paradise. If you like fine dining and a view, try The Lighthouse Restaurant where you can see panoramic views of the lake and mountains from inside or out on the patio. When you want great food made with fresh ingredients, just hop over to downtown Seneca and try Beyond the Bull restaurant, known for its preservative-free all-natural cuisine. These are some highlights out of the many wonderful restaurants in the Lake Keowee area.  

Recreational Opportunities Galore 

Lake living offers many options for recreation. Boating, jet skiing, swimming, paddling, fishing, hiking, biking, and much more can be done either on the lake or on the beautiful grounds surrounding Lake Keowee. Various marinas are located at different points on the lake, offering a wide range of boat services. Boat, jet-ski, and other watercraft rentals are available as well to enjoy on a daily or hourly rate. With so many choices, there’s always something to do at Lake Keowee that will suit anyone. 

Lake Keowee Homes for Sale by Total Quality Home Builders and Waterfront Properties 

Now that you know all the great places to shop, eat, and play, you’re ready to search Lake Keowee homes for sale. There are some amazing homes currently available on the beautiful shores of the lake and around the area, as well as ready to build lots with views of the water. Whether you’re looking for an existing home or you wish to build a new custom home, call Total Quality Home Builders and Waterfront Properties today to see what’s available: (864) 868-5253. 

Are you ready to build a lake house? Whether you’ve just been thinking about the idea or you’re ready to get the process started, there are some things you need to know. There’s plenty of lake property in South Carolina but it’s important to find the right piece of land to build on, the right builder, the right home design, and every other crucial piece of the lake home building process.

Find Land through a Reputable Lake Home Builder

Not all “ready-to-build lots” are truly ready to build on, or even available to build on. If you’re unsure about a property, do your due diligence and have it checked out by all the necessary experts and be sure it is indeed ready for construction. When you search for a property through a reputable home builder with experience building lake homes in the area, you can trust that you’ll find a quality lot.

Work with an Experienced Builder Who has Built Other Homes in the Same Area

Building a custom home is a huge undertaking, and building on lake property in South Carolina requires a certain level of experience to be successful. Find a builder that has built other homes on similar lots to the one you are considering. There are a lot of characteristics about a property that dictate the type and size of home that can be built on it, how the home will be situated, the landscaping, etc. This isn’t a job for a novice builder; you need the A team for this endeavor.

Consider the View from Every Room

If you’re building a lake home for the view of the water, you’ll need to take that into consideration for the design and layout of your home. Do you want the main living areas like the dining room and family room to have a view of the lake? What about the master bedroom or upstairs gathering areas? You’ll need to think about how you want the rooms in your home to be laid out in regards to the view of the lake and the land around it.

Research the Lake Itself and Be Sure it Meets your Needs

Are you hoping to spend your time boating, fishing, paddling, jet skiing, or swimming? Make sure the lake supports all the forms of water recreation you enjoy. You don’t want to build a home on a lake only to find out that it’s not good for fishing, that speed boats and wave runners aren’t allowed, or that swimming isn’t safe. Do your research and find out the rules of the lake itself.

Total Quality Home Builders Specialize in Waterfront Properties

Looking for that lake home expert who can make your dream home a reality? Total Quality Home Builders specializes in building on lake property in South Carolina along the shores of Lake Keowee. Precision design, eclectic style, and quality craftsmanship come together to bring you the lake home you’ve always wanted. Whether for vacation or full-time residence, your lake home will be the epitome of beauty and comfort. Call Total Quality Home Builders today: (864) 868-5253.

Living on the lake is beautiful, but it can also be dangerous. You can never be too cautious about water safety, especially when you have small children. Before you even start looking at Lake Keowee homes for sale, learn all you can about water safety. Here are some tips for keeping your toddler safe when you live on the water.

Water Safety at Home

It’s easy to get complacent when you’re home, in the comfort of your own back yard. But this is the riskiest place for drowning. Follow these tips:

  • Lock all exterior doors, including front doors that don’t lead directly to the water.
  • Use a chime system so that if a door is opened, you’ll know.
  • Consider fencing in the back yard with a childproof latch so that kids can play in the yard without being able to reach the water.

Safety Near and in the Water

Whether you’re hanging out on your own private dock or swimming/wading in the water right off your own property, this is another place for extreme caution.

  • Adequate supervision. Keep your eyes on your children at all times or make sure someone else you trust is watching. Always make sure a responsible adult is keeping an eye out for trouble. If that designated person needs a break for any reason, be sure to appoint someone else to keep watch.
  • Put the phone away. Phones are incredibly distracting and pull your attention away from the water in an instant, often without even realizing it. Plus, your phone is at risk for water damage when you have it out near the water. The safest option is to store it some distance away from the water.
  • Make sure your kids can swim early. Swimming lessons can start for babies as early as 6 months. Survival lessons are available for kids of all ages that teach them to float on their back in the water and not to panic in case they accidentally fall in. The earlier your child learns to swim, the better.

Boating and Watercraft Safety

When you have your small child/children out on a boat or jet-ski, there are some additional water safety tips that you should take into consideration.

  • People of all ages should wear a life jacket. This goes for everyone, whether you can swim or not. Boating accidents can involve head injuries that could leave you unconscious. In that case, a life jacket can literally save your life. Make sure the life jacket fits properly and is put on correctly. Life jackets often have an easily forgotten strap that hooks between the legs to keep them from riding up and sliding off. Be sure to secure that strap, in addition to the front clasps.
  • Wear, and have your kids wear, non-slip water shoes while on the boat to prevent accidents or falls.
  • Enroll the whole family in a boating safety class.

Find Lake Keowee Homes for Sale through Total Quality Homebuilders and Waterfront Properties

Now that you and your entire family, including the tiniest one, are prepared to live on the water with these safety tips, you can start checking out Lake Keowee homes for sale. Total Quality Homebuilders and Waterfront Properties specializes in both custom home building and real estate, so whether you’re looking for an existing home or a lot to build on, TQ can help. Call today to see what’s available now: (864) 868-5253.


Are you on the fence about whether or not lake living is for you? There’s certainly a lot to think about. Whether you’re considering lake property in South Carolina or you’re not sure yet, consider these 6 reasons people love lake living.


  • The natural beauty. It’s hard to beat the view of a lake: tranquil waters and the sway of trees, a clear blue sky and soft waves lazily lapping the shore. Enjoy the beauty of the diverse wildlife that the lake sustains such as fish, amphibians, birds, deer, and much more.
  • Water promotes relaxation. Studies have shown that living near the water is relaxing for people, helping to reduce stress and even lower blood pressure. It also helps with sleep for those who struggle with insomnia. Sit outside before going to bed and listen to the sounds of the water and nature, even open your bedroom window at night and let them serenade you as you sleep.
  • Recreation. The lake offers a plethora of recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, swimming, paddling, waterskiing, hiking, biking, and much more. There’s always something to do either on or around the water. If you enjoy the outdoors, lake living is definitely for you.
  • Entertaining. If you like to host family and friends for get-togethers and parties, having a lake home makes that all the more fun. Everyone loves to visit a lake house, especially those who don’t have the luxury of living on the water. You’ll have no problem filling your house up with visitors at any given time.
  • Privacy. Lake living offers instant privacy. The way the properties are situated, often built into the natural lay of the land, means your neighbors won’t be right in your back yard. You’re likely to have a larger lot with trees separating each property from the next. If you put in a private dock, only your property and those who live there or visit with your permission will have access to it. No waiting in line at a boat launch.
  • Property value. Right now, lakefront property in South Carolina is a hot commodity. Whatever you pay for a lakefront lot, it will only increase in value over time as waterfront property becomes more and more scarce.


You will Love Lake Living Too with the Help of Total Quality Home Builders and Waterfront Properties

If these 6 qualities of lake life pushed you over the edge to choosing this lifestyle for yourself, call Total Quality Home Builders and Waterfront Properties. Lake property in South Carolina is going fast, but there are homes and lots available now on Lake Keowee. Whether you’re looking for an existing home or a lot on which to build a custom home, Total Quality can help. With an expert lake home builder and real estate agency in one, you have every option at your disposal. Call Total Quality Home Builders and Waterfront Properties today to realize your love of lake living: (864) 868-5253.

What’s the all the hype about? Why does it seem like everyone is moving to Lake Keowee, SC? Lake living, while it has always been desirable, seems to be gaining popularity. If you’re wondering why people are moving to Lake Keowee, consider the following reasons. And if you’re interested in finding some Lake Keowee waterfront land for sale, call Total Quality Home Builders and Waterfront Properties.


  • Natural beauty. Although Lake Keowee is a manmade reservoir, you most likely wouldn’t know it. The lake itself, as well as the land and forests around it, are beautiful and full of wildlife. A wide variety of trees grow from evergreen to deciduous, along with many other indigenous plants and wildflowers. The lake is home to hundreds of species of fish and amphibians and the forests are full of mammals and birds.
  • Recreation. A major advantage to Lake Keowee is its size. A large, wide-bodied lake, it is ideal for boating, jet skiing, water skiing, fishing, paddling, and many other water sports. There are some popular swimming spots such as “The Jumping Rock” where swimmers enjoy jumping into the lake from the top of a large boulder. Waterfall Cove is a popular spot where boaters turn off their engines and just float, enjoying the sound of the gushing water. Hiking and biking trails surround the lake for those who may prefer to stay on land.
  • Climate. Experience all four seasons here, with the advantage of milder winters and summers. You won’t see much snow at Lake Keowee, but summers are less humid, making it more pleasant than other parts of the state.
  • Clean water. Lake Keowee is known for its clear green waters. In fact, it’s one of the cleanest lakes in the entire US. This is in part due to efforts of the community to keep it clean and the fact that its water source is Lake Jocassee which receives clear mountain runoff water.
  • Proximity to the city. Greenville is a thriving local city. It was included on CNN’s list of the top ten fastest growing cities in the US, number 3 on Bloomberg’s list of cities offering the strongest job market, and the 13th best city for young professionals according to Forbes. You can easily live on Lake Keowee and commute to Greenville for work.
  • Proximity to Clemson University. The University offers many benefits from jobs to continuing education opportunities to art experiences. Living close to an esteemed institute of higher education is a positive for any community.


There you have it. 6 great reasons you should start looking now for Lake Keowee waterfront land for sale.

Buy or Build on Lake Keowee with Total Quality Home Builders and Waterfront Properties

Whether you’re looking for an existing home or land to build on, Total Quality can help. Specializing in custom home building and real estate, TQ will find you Lake Keowee waterfront land for sale that meets not only your needs but also your wants. Call today: (864) 868-5253.