Lake Keowee is one of the best kept secrets in South Carolina. And because of this there is still Lake Keowee land for sale that’s available for building. While the lake has been around for years and people have enjoyed it for recreational purposes, not everyone is aware of the real estate opportunities that have arisen in recent years and even months. If you’re looking for an ideal place to build a lake home, here are five reasons you’ll never regret building on Lake Keowee.  

  1. Property value will only go upAs the available land is sold, eventually there won’t be any more new lots. Only so much of the area around the lake can be used for residential purposes. If you buy land and build a lake home on Lake Keowee, you’re sure to recoup the value and then some upon resale.  
  2. The Beauty of the LakeLake Keowee is known for its clear, emerald green waters and picturesque scenery. Rolling hills, lush forests, and mountain views in the distance won’t disappoint. Wake up every morning to the beautiful landscape and serene waters and you’ll never get tired of it.  
  3. Convenience of the LocationLiving on Lake Keowee puts you in close proximity to the city of Greenville as well as Clemson University. Greenville is currently one of the fastest growing US cities with a strong job market, making it ideal for young professionals. Clemson University offers opportunities for educationentertainment, and more 
  4. Recreational Opportunities. If you enjoy lake activities, you can do it all on Lake Keowee. Boating, fishing, jet skiing, paddling, waterskiing, wakeboarding, swimming and more are possible on the lake. Drive your boat to waterfall cove, cut your engine, and drift a while. Or get up the courage to try the Jumping Rock” and take the plunge into the deep, clear water.  
  5. Variety of Real Estate Available. Whether you’re looking for a lakefront lot, a lake view lot, a wooded lot, or an elevated mountain view lot, there’s Lake Keowee land for sale that is ideal for wide variety of preferences and budgets. If you want your own lake access, spring for the lakefront lot so you can have an individual dock and you won’t regret it.  

Reasons You Won’t Regret Building a Custom Lake Home with Total Quality Home Builders 

Besides these five reasons to build a home on Lake Keowee, there are just as many reasons and more to build your custom home with Total Quality Home Builders.  

  • Total Quality will help you find Lake Keowee land for sale as soon as it’s available.  
  • Your home will be completely customized down to every last detail. 
  • The design of your home will be cutting edge and incorporate the latest technology.  
  • Total Quality has plenty of experience building homes on lakefront land.  
  • Your home will stand the test of time in style and craftsmanship. 

Call Total Quality Home Builders today and reserve your spot on the shores of one of the South Carolina’s most desired lakes: (864) 868-5253.