You Gotta Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Many times a couple will search and search and finally find the perfect waterfront lot … and then begins the difficult builder interview process, searching for just the right fit. It’s seldom one is fortunate to find both a Waterfront Land Specialist/Broker and Builder under one roof.

The Bauers’ Story – Waterford Point Community

“Jean and I decided to retire on Lake Keowee after looking for lake property for 12 years. We did research online from Orlando and then came up for a week to buy a lot. Our original realtors did not work out after spending only a few hours together. We happened to pass the Total Quality Home Builders office, which was one of the builders we were considering.

“We stopped in to see if they could recommend a realtor to help us buy a lot. We met Tim Revis, Paul Davis, and Jenna Emerson. Everyone was very nice, and Tim said he could help us. We had a few lots in mind and he made some calls and selected several lots for us to see. After a few days, we decided on a lot and Tim closed the deal the same day.”

“Tim did an excellent job explaining the TQ process, and we thought so highly of the team that we decided to use them as our builder without even talking to anyone else. We were very impressed with the charity Tim founded, Tim and the TQ Team were obviously good people that we could trust with building our dream home. That was especially important since we were building while still living in Orlando. We trusted Tim Revis completely, and Total Quality Home Builders did not disappoint.

“Paul did an excellent job with the foundation and lot preparation work. Scott Johnson took over working all the remaining details. We picked some of our options directly with subcontractors TQ recommended and selected many others through Scott. That entire process went exceptionally smooth. TQ deals with very reputable suppliers and people and those suppliers that we dealt with were very helpful. Working with Scott was extremely easy as well (since we have similar taste). So, once he understood our vision, he took it from there and helped customize even the smallest details. All the interior and exterior finished turned out as we hoped. We moved up to Seneca two months before the house was complete which was great since we got to meet many of the subcontractors. We were at the house every day and were able to see the final touches executed. Larry McDonald took over working the final details and helped close out the punch list items. Larry is great to work with as well and brings years of building experience.

“We are very fortunate to have found such a beautiful lot and TQ built us a stunning home! We moved in six months ago and still wake up every day and can’t believe how fortunate we are to live in this beautiful home on this gorgeous lake. We are grateful to TQ for the attention to detail and for building such a fine home. Without a doubt, we would recommend Total Quality Home Builders to build your custom dream home for you.”

HB and Jean Bauers
Waterford Point Community

front view of luxury lake home on Lake KeoweeDoes the idea of a home on the water sound heavenly to you? There are many reasons why lakefront property in South Carolina is so highly coveted. From the fresh air, sunshine, and calming sounds of a lake to the very real health benefits, lake living has many benefits. If you’re thinking of exploring lake property for sale in SC, here are 5 things you should consider.

  1. Purpose. Are you looking for a vacation home or a primary residence? This makes a difference in the lake property hunting process. If you’re planning on a vacation home, you may want something smaller than your primary residence for just your immediate family to get away, or something bigger so you can vacation with family and friends. A vacation home can be a little more remote, whereas a primary residence may need to be more conveniently located for commuting to work and school.
  2. Existing Home or Custom Build? Do you plan to look for an existing home that meets your needs? Or would you rather find a lot you like and have a custom home built on the property? Finding an existing home is typically faster, but also may require some renovations to make it just right for your family. A custom home is designed and built to your exact specifications, but will usually take much longer than choosing an existing home.
  3. Waterfront or Water View? Is it important for you to be right on the water? The wide variety of lake property for sale in SC gives you options. If you want lake access from your own property, choose a lot that is on the water and meets the requirements for a dock. If you just want a view of the lake, perhaps from higher up, a lake view property may suit you. There may even be lots or homes that are not in view of the water but are just a short walk or drive away from a lake view and access point.
  4. Cost. If budget is a factor for you, the type of property you choose can make a big difference in the overall cost of your home. Waterfront sites are usually the highest in price, with water view being a bit less, and a lot that is not in view of the water would be even less. The size and style of home make a difference in the cost as well, whether you purchase an existing home or have a custom home built.
  5. Lake Information. Do your research about the lake itself before buying property on its shores. What are the rules? What types of activities does the lake allow? How big is the lake? How deep? Is fishing allowed? What are the future plans for the lake and the property surrounding it? Consider all of these questions that may affect your recreational activities before deciding on the right location for your lake home.

Find Gorgeous Lake Property for Sale in SC with Total Quality Home Builders & Waterfront Properties

Make your dream of living on the sparkling waters of a lake a reality with Total Quality. Lakefront and lake view lots are available now for custom home building, as well as existing homes for sale. Don’t miss your chance to secure a lot on the beautiful shores of Lake Keowee. Call today (864) 868-5253.

lake home bedroom decorated in blue and white color schemeThe key to decorating a lake home is to accentuate the beauty of the outdoors without distracting from it. Lake Keowee real estate is booming as more home sites and lake homes become available. Whether you’re building a new home on the lake or redecorating the one you have, here are some ideas to make your home stylish and unique while accenting the incredible view of the water.

  1. White isn’t just for beach houses. In general, white tends to be associated with coastal homes, but current trends are bringing the bright, airy feel of white to lake homes as well.
  2. Focus on the view. The layout of the room should pull you toward the view of the lake. Arrange furniture, wall art, rugs, etc. so that the focus directs your gaze out the window.
  3. Windows are everything. Whether you’re designing a brand new lake home or renovating an existing one, be sure to incorporate a window design that showcases the full extent of the beauty that is your lake view. Think floor to ceiling windows in the living room, dining room, and any other room that faces the water.
  4. Keep window treatments minimal. When it comes to window treatments for your waterfront windows, less is more. Don’t block the natural light and view with heavy or dark curtains. If you require a bit of privacy, use light filtering curtains in neutral colors that won’t distract from the natural view.
  5. Bring the outdoors in color-wise. For a more seamless transition from the inside out, use natural colors like greens, browns, and beiges.
  6. Think practical. Lake living can sometimes be messy. Keep durability in mind when choosing flooring, rugs, and upholstery. A little dirt or moisture shouldn’t be able to ruin your décor.
  7. Bring in natural light. Skylights, large windows, and high ceilings all allow plenty of natural light into your home. Not only will your home look brighter, but you’ll also save energy.
  8. Embrace the rustic feel. It can be fun to go with a rustic theme in your lake house, especially when it’s a vacation home and not your primary residence. Woodsy tones and simplistic furniture pieces and décor help a lake house to feel authentic.
  9. Include a room with a 3-wall view. Consider a sunroom, den, or breakfast nook that has three walls of windows overlooking the lake. You can’t beat a 180-degree view.
  10. Elaborate outdoor living spaces. Focus on the outdoor areas as much as the indoors when you have such beautiful scenery. A deck, patio, or gazebo that is large enough for lounging and dining will likely be one of your most lived-in areas.

Lake Keowee Real Estate is Highly Desired

At this time there are existing homes and ready-to-build home sites available on Lake Keowee. Total Quality Home Builders and Waterfront Properties specializes in Lake Keowee real estate and building custom lake homes. When you have a vision for your dream lake home, Total Quality can design a home that includes all of your ideas and reflects your own personal style. Call (864) 868-5253 to schedule a free consultation.